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For Everyone

One key component of our philosophy is to create a consistent learning container for our clients and students, and educate professionals with evidence-based education opportunities. 

Holding Space

How do you support yourself and others in times of stress, grief, and crisis?

This live, interactive class is online and does not include movement.

with Kari Kwinn, E-RYT 500

this 90 minute special engagement is worth one CEU for registered yoga teachers

Sankalpa: Aligning with your Heart's Deepest Wish.


Yoga Nidra and Living Intentionally

A 4-week course to learn about intention, the impact intentions have on your life, and to create intention for how you want to move forward into this next step or phase in life.

This live, interactive series includes some practice, but almost no movement and is offered online.

with Brianne Hovey

Strengthen Your

Body & Mind

While we can’t control what’s happening in the world or the fact that social distancing is here to stay for a bit, we can each do our best to find time to focus on ourselves, our breath, and self-care practices like yoga to counteract the effects of stress.

This live, interactive class is fully movement-based and offered online.

with Melissa Winter

Cultivating Nourishment and Loving Kindness through Yin Yoga & Metta Meditation

This nourishing gentle movement class will include instruction on Meta Meditation

Introduce loving kindness
Cultivate loving kindness for self
Cultivate loving kindness for others whom we know
Cultivate loving kindness for all beings

This live, interactive class is fully practice-based and offered online.

with Brianne Hovey

Introduction to Ayurveda + Healthy Living Series 

Learn how to use the time-tested ancient wisdom of Ayurveda to promote greater mind, body and spiritual health and well-being. Ayurveda translates to the knowledge of life. Discover how to harness this knowledge for less stress and more ease in your life.

In the four week course, learn the foundations of Ayurveda as well as daily ritual practices to cultivate greater health from within.

This live, interactive class is all conversation and discussion, with no physical practice and offered online.

with Madison Waggoner

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga Teacher Training (50 hours)

White Lotus is proud to support Buffalo + Sparrow in this online offering

  • How to cue your class through a trauma-informed lens

  • How to hold space for students who experience triggers, as well as how to help them regulate from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system.

  • How trauma is trapped in the body and how yoga can help to move it out.

  • How the brain works in trauma and how yoga can help restore its communication with the body.

  • The neurobiology of a traumatized brain and how the power of neuroplasticity works toward freedom and empowerment.

  • How to self-regulate your nervous system and assist others to do the same through techniques, poses, breath and mind-body practices.

  • How to support students with various types of trauma including, but not limited to: ptsd, sexual assault/abuse, domestic abuse, marginalization, complex, developmental, vicarious trauma and bullying.

  • The latest and most relevant research and theories in trauma that will give you the confidence to teach from a place of being fully informed and equipped to teach to trauma survivors.

  • Valuable lessons and guidance through reading homework from the bodies of work by Bessel Van Der Kolk: The Body Keeps The Score and Peter Levine: Waking The Tiger


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