Yoga Instructors


Harmony Livingston

Harmony’s approach to yoga is her approach to life.  As a teacher, dancer, and artist she is continuously inspired by the power of intention, and the practice of presence.  She is committed to creating accessible, inclusive, awakening, and deeply moving experiences that lift, transform, and heal all bodies from the inside out.  Her teaching style is warm and welcoming, playful and profound, nurturing and from the heart.  She invites you to deepen your connection to your body, and to practice your yoga "as you are", one breath at a time.  In her own words, "each one of us is powerful beyond measure.  When we connect to our breath, and listen to our body (and to that which moves us deeply), possibilities are endless.  When we step beyond how things look and go deeper into how things feel,  our perspective can shift.  When we trust ourselves to be held and supported in this moment, and then allow the moment to unfold, we can experience our life as EXTRAORDINARY".


Harmony completed her 200 hour yoga certification with the School of Sacred Arts in Bali, Indonesia (specializing in hatha/vinyasa/yin yoga), she is a "Let Your Yoga Dance" facilitator, dancer, singer, actress, dreamer.

Meredith Saver

    Meredith went to her first yoga class as a competitive athlete seeking balance in her exercise.  The true magic of yoga quickly revealed itself to her and what began as a physical journey quickly grew into a much deeper exploration.  Her practice is just that-a practice.  In this often-challenging and ever-changing life, it is her medicine, her anchor and her guide. 

     In 2015 Meredith completed 500 hours of interdisciplinary yoga teacher training at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica.  It was there that she became certified in Self-Awakening Yoga© therapy and a type of yoga massage called Pranassage©.  She is also certified to teach Yin. 

    Always a student and sometimes a teacher, Meredith is drawn to many forms of yoga and as a result her classes are well-rounded, playful and intelligent blend of movement and meditation.  As a teacher it is always her aim to create a safe learning environment so that anyone can show up to step onto their mat and into the inquiry of yoga. 

"    My style of teaching is focused on empowering you to honor your body as your own greatest teacher.  I invite you to get playfully curious about your own experience as a gateway to healing and growth in your body, mind and soul.  I believe that yoga is for every body and that through mindful movement we can cultivate a practice of peace and equanimity on our mats that we can't help but carry into the rest of our lives and out into the world."


Madison Waggoner

Madison is a passionate yoga teacher and Ayurvedic practitioner. She began her journey when she found yoga during college as a way to soothe her anxious mind and find release from outside pressures. Yoga connected her to something greater than the self, and served as a method of personal evolution to shed layers that no longer serve. After moving to Denver in 2013, Madison dove deeper into her practice partaking in yoga teacher training through Karma Yoga Center. She learned about Ayurveda through teacher training and quickly realized how students' needs differ based on their nature. Madison offers a safe space for students to explore their mind and body without judgement but rather curiosity and care. She teaches classes that are educational, introspective and leaves students feeling balanced and whole. Madison strives to inspire students to live a life that positively impacts the self, community and greater world.

Brianne Hovey

Brianne is a motivating and calming yoga instructor that pushes her students to challenge themselves in every practice to be their best self while remaining true to their level of comfort in each practice.


She has her 200 hour RYT from Samadhi Center for Yoga and completed an additional restorative yoga training certificate with Beth Gurupriya Sanchez at One Yoga in June 2016. She loves teaching small, intimate classes.


Melissa Winter

I believe the true gift of yoga is received in each moment we are living our yoga during our day-to-day, off the mat life. The more I teach yoga, the more I become a student of the tradition. Through self-study I’ve felt the tremendous healing powers of this practice. The more I practice the more I learn and want to share this powerful practice with others. It is truly a gift and honor to be able to help others find freedom and release so that they can comfortable and competently move their bodies through life. I am vinyasa, yin, hot and yoga sculpt certified and am grateful to be able to share yoga with others and to be a part of this amazing concept White Lotus Therapeutics has created.

Amanda Anspach

 Amanda recently moved to Colorado from the Bay Area, California where she was first introduced to yoga in 2006 after knee surgery. Amanda travelled to India for her first 200 hour training in 2012. Since then, she's been to nearly 20 countries studying, practicing, retreating, and teaching. In 2015, she also completed the SmartFLOW training with renowned teacher, Annie Carpenter, who she continues to study with. 


Amanda's teaching is a holistic blend of inquiry, depth, and intelligent movement. Her classes focus on fundamental poses, foundational alignment, and feelin' good! Here is what one of her students had to say: "In class, Amanda embodies a unique blend of intensity and calmness, of discipline and relaxed playfulness--a sort of walking embodiment of sthira sukha.


Jennifer Lambert

Jennifer became an "instant yogi" during her first yoga class a little over 8 years ago. Yoga gave her a feeling she had never felt before, and she craved it again and again. Jennifer attended classes almost every day and yoga became her companion through some of the most tumultuous times of her life. Her yoga instructors had such a profound impact on her life that in February of 2009 she decided to "pay it forward" by learning to guide others through their yoga journey. Jennifer's yoga journey has taken her through many paths and relationships, and what she has learned is invaluable. She says, "Yoga taught me to find the joy in my life, to find happiness even during the bad times. It taught me to love both the light and the dark within myself and for that I will always be grateful." Jennifer had the opportunity to pass on her knowledge to other teachers through the development of Integrated Fundamentals: A 200 hr Yoga Alliance Certification. She believes that the practice of yoga should be integrated into the practice of life as they are one and the same. She invites everyone to come and experience themselves in her yoga classes in order to find mental and physical freedom

Breanne Goldman

Breanne Goldman is a Denver- based student and teacher of yoga. With a deep reverence for ancient traditions and lineages, Breanne draws primarily from Classical Yoga, Bhakti, Daoyin, Qigong, Kundalini, Ayurveda, Judaism, and Buddhism. Her intention is to inspire others to embody their yoga practice off the mat in order to move through the world with joy, stability, and ease.

Breanne’s teaching style is grounding, nurturing, and deeply contemplative. She weaves timeless, universal wisdom with modern science, guiding students with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and bodies to apply a variety of yogic tools both on the mat and in daily life. Pain and life experience can be our greatest teachers, inviting us to explore each opportunity with curiosity and non-

attachment. She lives with a neurological condition, which deeply informs her interest in the relationship between yoga, trauma, and the nervous system.

Off the mat, Breanne is a textile artist and clothing designer under her label, Lake Elinor, with an extensive professional background in education, curriculum design, and emotional intelligence. Breanne is an E-RYT200, 500RYT, YACEP, and Yoga Therapist in Training (IAYT). Her life mission is to guide others toward healing the most important relationship we have, the one with ourselves: mind, body, Spirit.

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Rebecca Spence

Rebecca Spence is a 200hr RYT trained in vinyasa, but her most cherished classes incorporate vinyasa with yin or restorative and meditation. As a perpetual learner, her classes are often themed around the concepts, topics, anatomy, advice, or poses that intrigue her most that week. Rebecca truly believes that the time set aside to practice yoga is the perfect time to rehabilitate from the physical and mental stresses of the day. She aims to position her students to direct attention to the present moment, and to let the yoga take care of everything else. In her life outside of teaching yoga, Rebecca is a law student, a live music lover, a co-director of a non-profit, a whitewater SUPer, an earth enthusiast, and somewhat of a bookworm. 

Katie Kennedy

Katie Kennedy’s RYT 500hr (in progress) relationship with yoga has been nurtured by a diverse array of experiences and teachers. Her practices are intentional, playful and soothing to the nervous system. A natural artist, Katie guides creative + explorative Prana Vinyasa classes accessible to all types of practitioners. In her free time, Katie loves photography, crafting and spending time in nature with her dogs. 


Kelly Hummell

Kelly first found yoga in 2014 while living in Chicago. On her mat, she found a sanctuary that not only created physical change in her body, but also sparked subtle change in her mind and spirit. Yoga invited Kelly to bring her attention inward, to notice the patterns of her breath and the quality of her thoughts without judgment.

Not long after she began her yoga practice, Kelly found that she’d been operating from a place of anxiety for most of her adult life. Through a combination of therapeutic techniques and the consistent practice of returning to her mat, Kelly cultivated a deeper sense of of compassion and acceptance for herself while learning about the power of an unattended mind.

In 2017, Kelly completed her 200 hour certification in Power Yoga/Vinyasa at CorePower and has been on the path of svādhyāya (self-study) ever since. Most recent teaching experience includes Gentle Yoga for adults + seniors through the City of Wheat Ridge. In working with this population, Kelly developed a greater appreciation for each individual’s unique journey with yoga, for the gift of physical modifications, and for the importance of creating a safe space for her students.

In her words, “My goal is to create a welcoming and accepting space for us all to come home to ourselves. With an emphasis on our breath as an anchor, I invite you to get curious about what you notice as you move and as you find stillness. We must all begin from somewhere, and oftentimes the hardest part is showing up. You’re brave when you make the choice to come back to your mat, and I’m humbled to support you as your guide.”

Tess Collins

Tess Collins has been facilitating mindfulness experiences (Yoga, Meditation, Functional Fitness, Qi Gong, Martial Arts, Dance) through 16 different countries rooted cultures for the past 8 years. She's continually researching freedom in the mind/body and from that, how to support & empower others through these various systems she learns from her travels.

She is excited to be sharing time with the White Lotus community, exploring nature around Denver, and taking this time to look at where we all stand today as leaders, teachers, artists, and how we might build together in an active way to create more power to gain social justice and support our home, in which we all share (Earth).

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Shanon BrownMiller

Shanon's love for yoga began in 2012. What started as a simple practice for stress reduction quickly turned into a passion for helping others. Shanon completed Yoga teacher training in 2014 in Vinyasa yoga and has worked primarily with individuals who are in some form of recovery. As a counselor and yoga instructor, Shanon understands the inherent value of finding balance in mental, spiritual and physical health and yoga helps support all three of these areas! It is Shanon's passion to help her students find the practice that best support their individual needs. 

Kari Kwinn

Director of Yoga

Kari Kwinn, ERYT500, RPYT, YACEP is the Director of Yoga for White Lotus Therapeutics. Her academic background includes a BA in anthropology and a Master's Degree in Nonprofit Management. With extensive training in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Sivananda, Prenatal, and Yin yoga, Kari lends direction to the diverse teaching staff at White Lotus. While Kari brings an interdisciplinary and academic approach to the study of yoga and the cultivation of the yoga team, her teaching style is approachable, witty, and fun. Her goal is to help students understand the potential for healing and wellness using Western, Eastern, and complementary healthcare models. A medical anthropologist by training, Kari has experience working with diverse populations and disease conditions, including dementia, MS, HIV/AIDS, prenatal and postpartum wellness, and those in recovery from addiction. When she isn't teaching or learning, Kari writes, cooks, hikes, and works steadily at doing nothing.