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Prenatal Yoga in Denver

The benefits of in-person prenatal yoga extend beyond movement.

Our prenatal yoga classes include community - connection to fellow pregnant students who live nearby. Each of our teachers brings their own flavor to all of our classes, and so each prenatal yoga class will echo that. You can expect strengthening movements, stretching, and breath techniques in every class, and an opportunity to check in and chat with your classmates before, during, and after class.

Prenatal yoga prepares the body for birth and beyond - we consider preparation the foundation of our work together.

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elements of prenatal yoga at white lotus


Prenatal yoga includes movement that can support the relief of pregnancy-related discomforts and builds strength and stamina for labor and beyond. Prenatal yoga is not necessarily a gentle practice, but a thoughtfully planned practice to support the needs of the pregnant body.


In addition to physical movements, prenatal yoga classes include opportunities to relate with the other tools of yoga. Each class involves an exploration of personal tendencies, techniques to curate calm, rest, and relaxation, and coping mechanisms that are useful in labor and birth.


Perhaps the most valuable aspect of prenatal yoga at White Lotus is the opportunity to connect with others who are a little further on the path than you are. Students are invited to share in a principled space and often engage in ongoing friendships beyond the class.

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