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Private Yoga

1:1 or small group

An opportunity for you to connect directly with a teacher and work specifically and deeply on your own unique areas of inquiry.  Private work is based on your interests is thoughtfully crafted to those needs on that particular day.  Working one on one with a teacher over time provides deeply develops the student’s inner eye and mind/body connection.  The studio space at White Lotus Therapeutics is ideal for private Yoga work.  We cultivate a warm, home-like atmosphere and have ample props to facilitate a nourishing, personalized experience.  



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Private Yoga Class



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Private Yoga Class



Packages available


Additional Students

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Free Consultation

Our Yoga Coordinator will personally reach out to you for a 15-minute consultation to discuss what your goals are, which instructor and approach would be best suited to reach those goals and any other questions or concerns you may have.

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Free Consult (Privte Yoga)


What is Private Yoga at White Lotus Therapeutics, and who is it for?

Private yoga is a dedicated session with a singular, student-driven aim. Most often, private yoga is one student and one teacher, although we are happy to offer semi-private yoga for pairs of individuals who know one another and share a common interest, or prefer to explore yoga together.

How does my session begin?

Private yoga begins before you walk into the yoga practice space. Our staff will prepare a cup of herbal house-blend tea for you as you make your way through your waiver and orientation to the space. Feel free to come 15 minutes before your appointment time to really settle in and get comfortable. Your teacher will greet you, introduce you to the studio space, introduce themselves, and ask you what brings you to private yoga. What you do next depends upon your answer! 

What do you do in a private yoga session?

Yoga is more than simply poses, it is a deep well of philosophy that includes practices to support meditation, mindfulness, and general quality of life.

- If you are working with a particular physical concern, like an acute injury, and would like to know how you can safely modify the practice in a group class, your teacher will walk you through a number of modifications and substitute postures.


If you are seeking the practice of yoga because your licensed medical or mental health practitioner suggested it might benefit you, your teacher will offer you practices that support the care plan of your wellness team. As teachers, we do not diagnose or treat, but we can complement the work of your licensed medical provider to meet different goals, including stress-reduction and relaxation practices, stretches, movements that support a healthy range of motion, and strength-building practices.

If you are new to yoga and would like a gentle introduction and a thoughtful path to practice, your teacher will follow your lead and offer you a personalized introduction to the practices that will support you in cultivating a yoga practice. If you desire to take drop-in yoga classes, your teacher can help you select and prepare for what you will experience.

What happens after a private yoga session?

You’ll receive an email from your teacher after your session, which will include your ‘next steps.’ These may include podcasts, articles, practices, or referrals to other professionals based on what you discussed during your session. 

How many private yoga sessions should I plan to take?

Well, we think you’d better start with one, and go from there! Each person’s needs are individual. If you are simply learning how to adapt a practice based on an acute injury, you may feel complete after one session. If you’re working with a chronic or ongoing condition, you might desire a series of sessions. And if you are new to yoga, you may choose to schedule private sessions occasionally to explore new branches and practices of yoga, work through questions that have come up during classes, or curate your personal program of practice.

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