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We are our people.

We want every person that walks into White Lotus Therapeutics to feel seen, heard, and welcomed

into our space.

We believe connection empowers and fosters a greater understanding of the world and ourselves. We're committed to genuine engagement in and outside our four walls.  We invite you to connect with us as we present meaningful gatherings and opportunities to learn, laugh, share stories and create memories. As individuals, we all have the power to grow; together, we bloom.


Our Ecosystem

We rely on action and community engagement to authentically maintain our mission. Cultivating relationships with aligned non-profits, local businesses and community groups is not only part of our objective, it's our responsibility.  In this wondrous age of digital influence, we also look to social platforms to foster community, virtually curating a space for learning, entertainment and communication. Our social ecosystem presents us with opportunities of partnership, to highlight, share or signal boost the voices and figures that influence and inspire our work. 




This weekly offering will rotate styles, teachers, and beneficiary. Please see posted flyers or social media to learn more about this week's teacher, style, and beneficiary.

Class attendees are invited to make a donation of any amount to the beneficiary of the class in lieu of payment to White Lotus.

The Virtual Space

Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest events, series, and gatherings at White Lotus Therapeutics. 

Connect with us virtually!

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