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About Us

Holistic Health - Personalized.

What makes us different than other massage studios? At White Lotus Therapeutics, we take the approach of looking at the entire body and finding a solution based on the biopsychosocial model. From a massage standpoint, that means more than just recognizing the sensation of tightness you may have. We look at habitual patterns that can lead to discomfort. We look at the level of stress you experience and how that might impact your nervous and muscular systems. We preach the importance of self-care and educate you on ways to improve your problem areas on your own for the long term.

What is the Biopsychosocial approach for massage?

A biopsychosocial model of massage therapy helps put into context the interconnected interaction between physiology, thoughts, emotions, behaviors, culture, and beliefs. Rather than saying this approach replaces the often used biomechanical model, we would rather say it encompasses it. It still looks at some physical or physiological explanations for certain ailments that may be occurring. However, it takes a much broader approach by including psychological or sociological experiences that may also be contributing to those ailments.

Treatment Plans

Giving you a plan to better wellness.

Our therapists are well educated, experienced, and dedicated to helping you feel better. Each massage will start with a very in-depth intake, continue with a massage dedicated to exactly what you want and need, and finished with a personalized Treatment Plan with self-care tips.

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