Ryan Sharp

Owner - LMT

Ryan graduated in 2010 from Healing Hands Holistic Health Center in Michigan. The focus of his schooling was based on the subtle physical nuances that contribute to health and wellness.  Modalities he specializes in are neromuscular, sports massage, injury recovery, trigger point therapy, cupping massage, myofascial release, Swedish massage. His main focus is the relationship with pain, sensation, and the whole story of a clients life. He takes great pride in helping clients solve the puzzle of discomfort they may be experiencing by using a science and behavior-based approach with a great appreciation for using research-basedmodalities. He believes educating clients to the subtle nuances of their bodies and how they can make changes to impact their wellness and ultimately give them back control of how they feel in their body.

Jackie Cusimano

LMT - Massage Coordinator

Jackie has experienced firsthand the power of self-care and how it can completely shift your life. Her Philosophy is that when you take care of yourself, whether that be with massage, yoga, or ideally a blend of many self-care modalities, you can better show up in all other areas of life as well as care for those around you from an overflowing cup.

Jackie stepped into the world of wellness right after high school in 2011. She graduated from the New York College of Health Professions in April of 2013 and received her License in Massage Therapy that same year. Since then, she has broadened her studies, always staying up to date on pain science as it evolves. She believes in the power of education and empowerment. She takes a Client-based approach, so she prefers to encourage clients to take their wellness into their own hands. Usually, that means the perfect treatment plan might be a mix of massage with her AND small, easy to incorporate lifestyle changes. She has also studied modalities like Thai Massage, Reiki, cupping, and PNF. She has been practicing integrative massage for close to 10 years; she uses pain science and the modalities she has learned to create an intentional and individualized session for each client.

Through Jackie's massage practice she discovered her love for Yoga. She completed Yoga teacher training back in New York in January of 2016, where she studied for 200 hours. She immediately went on to teach yoga and has been doing so ever since. Much like Jackie's massage practice, her teaching style is very broad. She is trauma-informed, and encourages ALL students, no matter their experience level, that they can practice in the same room. Jackie always does her best to show up authentically so that each student feels safe and comfortable.

Outside of the Massage room and Yoga studio, Jackie loves to hike, play with her dogs, travel, try new restaurants, and work out at the gym. She is extremely passionate and enthusiastic about life, she hopes that she can share that with all of her clients and students!


Shelby English


Shelby began her career as a licensed massage therapist in 2013 after graduating from the Denver School of Massage Therapy. She approaches each session with compassion, intuition, and empathy, and her general style of massage is very integrative as she incorporates several modalities in her sessions - primarily Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and reflexology. Her favorite afflictions to tackle with clients are headaches, migraines, anxiety, and depression because she has personally experienced the potent benefits massage can offer in these areas. However, she views bodywork as only a portion of the journey to self-care and aims to inspire mindfulness in her clients so they can have better tools to reach mind-body-spirit balance.

Jess Whyte


Jess Whyte empowers her clients to take charge of their health and honor their current state of being. She graduated from the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in 2018. Her training and continuing education has taught her to blend deep tissue, Swedish, trigger point, neuromuscular, and myofascial techniques to create a customized massage for every client. She views massage as an experience where her clients can relax their nervous systems, decrease pain and tension and develop a healthier relationship with their bodies. Intuition, intention, and a science-based lens guides her practice.


Margy Black


Margy has been studying massage and Asian bodywork since 2016. She graduated from the East-West School of Integrated Healing Arts in Iowa City in early 2017 and has been administering massage ever since. As an LMT, she specializes in Swedish, flowy, relaxing massage. She has also completed energy healing courses such as Reiki 1 and Healing Touch 1&2 through HTP. Her approach to bodywork is centered around the process of moving energy throughout the body and building awareness of the mind, body connection. Margy has her 500RYT and received her 300hr advanced training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her schooling was centered in the integration of Thai massage into yoga. This has given her a holistic approach to how she can aid in one's healing journey- using specific Thai massage stretches and techniques as one of many healing modalities. Her main goal is to impact her clients with wellness techniques that can aid to the overall awareness of the body and a unique healing path for each individual.

Karis Creamer


Karis is originally from Baltimore, Maryland, and moved to Colorado six years ago to pursue a life in the mountains. Her passion for massage therapy is rooted in her desire and lifelong goal to help others. Movement and health are two guiding forces in her life that she continues to practice and educate herself in. She graduated from Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in the Spring of 2018 and is consistently searching for new modalities and techniques to better serve her clients. Karis traveled to Thailand in 2019 and completed 156 hours of Thai massage. She has received continuing education in cupping, myofascial, and neuromuscular massage. Her style is a mix of the education she has received and caters to her client's requests based on pressure, flow, and technique. She is dedicated to listening and honoring your requests for each session and the goals you have for your commitment to yourself. Currently, she is in school to become a Physical Therapist Assistant and plans to graduate in a year. In her spare time, she is outside, adventuring, meditating, reading, going to concerts, and spending time with family and friends.


Maddi Rowedder


Maddi holds a deep passion for the betterment of herself and the world around her which is
what led her to explore massage and other holistic practices. She has been practicing massage
therapy in Colorado since graduating from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2018.
Her goal is to provide individualized massage experiences that empower her clients to
continue their health on and off the table. The body awareness massage provides the receiver
is one of her favorite aspects to massage and she loves encouraging the journey that brings you
closer to self. Our bodies are divinely designed to heal themselves and massage helps you
recognize your unique healing capacities.
She understands the importance of looking at health from all angles and loves to expand her
knowledge on many different healing modalities. Her calming nature allows her clients to feel
at ease and safe in her presence. She has studied many massage modalities including Swedish
massage, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Aromatherapy, Reiki, and Prenatal. By integrating all of the
modalities and knowledge she’s learned along the way, her focus in each session is to be fully
present with the client and their personal body goals while finding the best way to promote a
relaxed nervous system.

Melody Land


"When I discovered the power of therapeutic touch through bodywork for myself, it sparked a desire to grow more in tune with my body and develop better habits around nurturing it."

Since then, Melody has been on a never-ending journey to self-healing, fostering a deep passion for supporting others to acheive a better quality of life through health and wellness.

In 2018, Melody graduated from Healing Spirits Massage Training Program in Boulder and continues to self-educate on a regular basis, to deliver the highest level of care they can. 

Melody's style of massage is integrative, fused with love, and intention. She strives to provide a deeply soothing and therapeutic experience to all clients. This can include deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial techniques, sports, Swedish, reflexology, and prenatal depending on your needs. Melody truly enjoys connecting with clients and advocating for their self-care while providing a safe space to decompress.


Amber Abraham


Amber completed her training to become an LMT at Denver Integrative Massage School in 2018. Her schooling focused on blending Eastern and Western bodywork techniques. Learning these two systems simultaneously makes her approach well-rounded and therapeutic. She has studied styles such as Swedish, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal, Thai Yoga Massage, & Breathwork. She deeply believes in and has witnessed firsthand, not just the physiological benefits of massage but the emotional, psychological, and energetic healing that each session can bring. Her goal is to co-create a massage for each client tailored to their exact physical & mental needs and integrate multiple modalities as necessary. She believes in making each client feel safe and comfortable in their body and is passionate about helping others find healing within themselves.

Elana Martinez


Elana entered the 720-hour massage program at the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2015 and has experience with several modalities, including Trauma Touch Therapy, Ayurvedic body treatments, and Yoga in her personal time.

She enjoys forming connections with others and integrates deep tissue and Swedish massage, sports style massage, and breathwork techniques to create a tailored and individual experience in each session. She excels in working with specific body concerns to maintain a body alignment that works well for individuals. Elana specializes in providing bodywork as support to those with mental health concerns, with the intention always to support you in returning to your body with a greater sense of self.

Jessica Cooke LMT

Jessica Cooke


Jessica graduated from the Colorado School of healing arts in 2016 with my AOS degree in bodywork and lymphatic drainage. She love's making clients feel relaxed and welcome as they begin or continue their self-care journey. Jessicas passion for bodywork comes from the heart as she approaches each client with an open mind to how they are specifically feeling and what they are looking for.


Jessica loves doing detailed work to really help alleviate pain for the weekend warriors or the dedicated associate of the office. Having a broad spectrum of techniques, she can also help with relaxation.

Julia Walker


Julia is a graduate of the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy, where she started her journey in understanding the profound human connection between mind, body, and soul. Her training included Swedish, deep tissue, hydrotherapy, Ashiatsu, Hot Rocks, Cupping, sports massage, and Thai Massage.


Julia is committed to being a positive and empowering source for clients in their wellness journeys, by curating a mindful and integrative session centered around their respected health goals. She loves the parallel between her spirit animal, butterflies, and her practice, as she is always in a transformative state of growing and learning.