Ryan Sharp

Owner - LMT

Ryan graduated in 2010 from Healing Hands Holistic Health Center in Michigan. The focus of his schooling was based on the subtle physical nuances that contribute to health and wellness.  Modalities he specializes in are neromuscular, sports massage, injury recovery, trigger point therapy, cupping massage, myofascial release, Swedish massage. His main focus is the relationship with pain, sensation, and the whole story of a clients life. He takes great pride in helping clients solve the puzzle of discomfort they may be experiencing by using a science and behavior-based approach with a great appreciation for using research-basedmodalities. He believes educating clients to the subtle nuances of their bodies and how they can make changes to impact their wellness and ultimately give them back control of how they feel in their body.


Anna Palmer

LMT - Cranial Sacral Practitioner

I tailor each massage to fit your changing needs. I meet you and your body where you are to work alongside your inner wisdom to heal and empower oneself. My massage style is a mix of slow, deep tissue, specific work, energetic flow and loving attention to your body and mind tensions and holding patterns. My personal healing journey began in college, amidst bouts of anxiety and depression when I experienced the healing power of Reiki. It reminded me of my deeper calling. Since then, I have studied Reiki, yoga, yoga therapy, massage therapy, Craniosacral therapy to deepen my own self healing and to better serve others in our world of high paced fragmentation. These are some of many paths I have found calling me home in body, mind and spirit. I have found that it is through deep practice, presence and vulnerability in relationship to self and other that we can co-create a more intimate, loving space for ourselves and others. As Ram Dass says so simply, "We are all just walking each other home."

Jess Whyte


Jess is committed to catalyzing the relief of physical and emotional stresses through personalized, intuitive Massage Therapy. As a graduate from the Berkana Institute of Massage Therapy in the spring of 2018, Jess is excited to put her knowledge and passion to use at White Lotus Therapeutics.  She believes that her clients have the power to heal themselves and she is there to help guide them. Her bodywork utilizes a unique mixture of deep tissue, trigger point, Swedish, sports massage and Thai Massage. Jess infuses her work with a creative integration of these techniques making each session a custom-tailored experience for each client. Her work is heavily influenced by her affinity for anatomy and all things creative.


Morgan Macklem


Morgan obtained her Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training/Sports Medicine from Central Michigan University. Throughout her years in school, she learned how to administer modalities as well as instruct rehabilitative exercises and perform therapeutic massage. Shortly after, she became a Certified Personal Trainer where she was able to use her learnings to prevent injury in her clients. Morgan realized she was missing a key component with personal training and that was being able to help clients release tension in their bodies. Foam rolling and assisted stretching would only help so much.  She then decided to go to massage therapy school in hopes of being able to give her clients more well-rounded care. She planned to help them improve function in problem areas/joints.  She graduated from Irene's Myomassology in June 2018. She fell in love with massage and body work and would like to continue this path and learning as much as she can to help people. Morgan likes to use a variety of modalities in sessions including swedish, deep tissue, trigger point, energy work, and myofascial release. She believes in using what works best for each individual client depending on their goals.

Shelby English


Shelby began her career as a licensed massage therapist in 2013 after graduating from the Denver School of Massage Therapy. She approaches each session with compassion, intuition, and empathy, and her general style of massage is very integrative as she incorporates several modalities in her sessions - primarily Swedish massage, deep tissue, trigger point therapy, and reflexology. Her favorite afflictions to tackle with clients are headaches, migraines, anxiety, and depression because she has personally experienced the potent benefits massage can offer in these areas. However, she views bodywork as only a portion of the journey to self-care and aims to inspire mindfulness in her clients so they can have better tools to reach mind-body-spirit balance.   


Jackie Cusimano

Massage Coordinator

I have experienced first hand the power of self care and wellness and how they can completely shift your life. My Philosophy is that when you take care of yourself, whether that be with massage, yoga, or ideally a blend of many self care modalities, you can better show up as the best version of yourself in all other areas of life. I don't believe that self care is a luxury, I believe its a necessity; when you put yourself first, caring for loved ones comes from an overflowing cup rather than one that is half empty.


I found myself in the world of wellness right after high school in 2011. I graduated in April of 2013 from New York College of Health Professions with an Associates Degree in Occupational Studies. Since then I have broadened my studies with continuing education in modalities like, Thai Massage on the table, Reiki I & II, cupping, and CRC stretching. I have been practicing integrated massage for 7+ years; I use all of the modalities I am trained in to create a session specifically for the client I am working with. We are all in different bodies so I believe it is extremely important to work with each client as an individual. Through my massage practice I became very passionate about Yoga as well. I signed up for a Yoga teacher training in January 2016, where I studied for 200 hours to become a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor by February of that same year. I immediately went on to teach yoga and have been doing so ever since. Much like my massage practice, my teaching style is very broad. I offer many variations and modifications and my classes are open to every level of practitioner. I believe yoga is here for all of us and that nobody should feel intimidated to practice. I do my best to show up authentically with no expectations or judgments so anyone can feel safe in my class!

Margy Black


Margy has been studying massage and Asian bodywork since 2016. She graduated from the East-West School of Integrated Healing arts in Iowa City in early 2017 and has been administering massage ever since. As an LMT, she specializes in swedish, flowy, relaxing massage. She has also completed energy healing courses such as Reiki 1 and Healing Touch 1&2 through HTP. Her approach to bodywork is centered around the process of moving energy throughout the body and building awareness of the mind, body connection. Margy has her 500RYT and received her 300hr advanced training in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Her schooling was centered in the integration of Thai massage into yoga. This has given her a holistic approach on how she can aid in one's healing journey- using specific Thai massage stretches and techniques as one of many healing modalities. Her main goal is to impact her clients with wellness techniques which can aid to overall awareness of the body and a unique healing path for each individual.

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Sarah Anderson


Sarah Anderson attended The Colorado School of Healing Arts where she completed her training to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. She has always been interested in health and the body, and applies these interests to bring wellness, relaxation, and balance into a personalized massage experience. She is currently trained in a variety of techniques, including: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, Aromatherapy, Sports, and is always working to expand her knowledge of Massage.She is dedicated to creating a relaxing space for you to unwind from every day stress, as well as to aid the body with it's innate ability to heal.

Sarah is a Colorado Native who enjoys exploring, camping, hiking, doing yoga, and traveling in her spare time.

Kourtney Munoz


Kourtney began her career as a massage therapist in 2018. After working for 15 years in

marketing, she took a sabbatical to explore her interests and figure out her next steps. During

that time, in addition to traveling, writing and volunteering, she began to get regular massages

to address the aches and pains that began showing up in her body after being desk-bound for

so many years.

Kourtney enrolled in Educating Hands School of Massage in Miami and learned to hone her

intuition and listen to the body. During her studies, she also became interested in the role

massage could play in pain management especially in the midst of the opioid crisis

As fate would have it, after graduation, she had the opportunity to see the fallout of this crisis

firsthand while working as a massage therapist in a drug detox facility. For a year and a half,

Kourtney worked with clients living with not only severe addiction but also severe physical and

emotional pain. The work was challenging and emotional, but it also strengthened her belief in

the need for therapeutic massage and bodywork in our society - especially at this juncture.

In order to better support clients who suffer from pain, Kourtney is studying a unique approach

to therapeutic bodywork utilizing techniques from traditional Thai massage as a means to

efficiently treat trigger points in muscles, address pain conditions at their origins and restore

efficient range of motion across joints.

Kourtney believes in open communication with her clients and in working together to meet their

goals whether that be posture analysis and correction, pain reduction or simply providing

compassionate touch, connection and stress relief that everyone can benefit from.


Kit Wren


Kit is a licensed massage therapist and personal trainer specializing in injury rehabilitation, pain management, and nervous system unwinding. Since recovering from a serious injury in 2015, Kit discovered his passion for helping others heal and find wellbeing. He has worked alongside physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, performance coaches and other holistic health practitioners across Los Angeles.

 Kit searches for the cause of imbalance and aims to correct it at its root, the results being optimal health and peak performance. He customizes every session to best suit the individual needs of each client. He strives to help people understand and integrate their body and mind to live full lives and not let injuries, pain or stress keep them from being their most joyful, happy, and healthy selves. Each session is given from a place of professionalism, compassion, heart and humor.

He studied massage and bodywork at IPSB at Life Energy Institute in Los Angeles and has certifications for corrective exercise, performance enhancement and personal training.

In his free time, Kit goes rock climbing, running or takes his 9-year-old dog Bailey on hikes all around the Rocky Mountains. Kit resides in Denver, Colorado.

Khandi Vargas


Greetings, my name is Khandi Vargas and I am a passionate and professional LMT and yoga teacher (and forever a student). I am a graduate of Integrated Massage Therapy College in Edmond, Oklahoma. I am also a student at Naropa University studying Somatic Contemplative Psychology and Yoga Studies. Outside of holistic health, I am a jeweler, artist, rockhound, live music lover and outdoor enthusiast. I have been pursuing massage, fitness, holistic health and wellness for the last 5 years. Massage Therapy has given me the opportunity to grow physically and spiritually, build meaningful client relationships, and share my healing touch with others. Previously, I ran my own business Urban Revival Massage Therapy. I moved from OKC and partnered with The Soothing Touch Mobile Massage Therapy Service and we traveled the country providing massage therapy/vending at yoga retreats, music festivals, work offices, etc. Currently I specialize in Therapeutic Massage, Swedish/Relaxation Massage, Cupping, Trigger Point Therapy, and Prenatal Massage. I love to include stretching and aromatherapy upon request. I tailor each massage (pressure, technique, focus areas, etc) to each client to achieve optimum health benefits. I am dedicated to providing a healing massage with a nurturing touch so that you will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. I enjoy getting to know my clients and helping them achieve their health goals.


Erika Marcelo Lovera


Erika Marcelo Lovera is a graduate of Cortiva Institute of Massage in Boston, MA. She came to the massage therapy field after 11 years working with preschoolers at a bilingual program teaching Spanish. Erika is originally from Lima, Peru. Her background in theater, dance and yoga made her interested in human anatomy and movement. Erika prefers to create a custom massage using a variety

of modalities including Swedish, deep tissue massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular therapy, sport

 massage and prenatal massage. She believes that massage  can help people to be aware of their own bodies and strengthen the mind-body connection. Erika is passionate about massage therapy and would like to facilitate help through bodywork, because it inspires her to learn more and be compassionate

and generous with the world.