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The path to your best health
must be personalized

Dedicated to empowerment and helping you create balance.

We believe in tested and proven modalities that blend eastern and western therapeutic ideals while subscribing to a treatment model that incorporates details from every aspect of life.

About Anchor/Philosophy

White Lotus Therapeutics was conceived during a discussion of the state of wellness in our society and our genuine desire to want to help people find true balance in their lives. Are we the only business taking on this endeavor? Thankfully not. But what we believe sets us apart from other therapeutic businesses is our dedication to empowering clients to take their health into their own hands. We do this by educating, leading by example, and motivating to create true and lasting change. We believe in personalizing treatment based on exactly what each individual needs.


The name White Lotus Therapeutics was derived from the analogy of the symbolic journey a Lotus Flower endures.

The flower grows from the murkiest of waters to become one of the most pristine plants in nature. We believe this is the same journey we all must make as individuals.

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At White Lotus therapeutics work to maintain a space of authentic engagement and connection, with ourselves and our community. Yoga presents a wonderful opportunity to stay curious and we strive to offer experiences to learn and deepen your yoga practice


Our customized therapeutic massage is based on the biopsychosocial model. Experience care that is unique to your goals and needs, encompassing a variety of outside contributing factors.



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