four paths of yoga

White Lotus Therapeutics seeks to support clients via the comprehensive biopsychosocial model of wellness, which acknowledges that the human experience is comprised of physical, mental, emotional, social, and selves.


This is in full alignment with the deep and sacred well of yogic teachings.


Our services empower the individual with a rich and powerful toolbox of resources.

our paths

Balancing Rocks


When you are depleted, burned out, or focused on recovery, the body knows best & focuses on sleep. This path builds the foundation of health: rest.

New Growth


When life feels unpredictable and ever-changing, we are best served by preparing to rebuild and recover from the stress of uncertainty. We cannot avoid the dynamic qualities of life, but we can foster resilience.

Orange Tulip


When life feels stale, stagnant, or less colorful, we find ourselves contracted. The full experience of life is robust & charismatic. We are not meant to live in confined spaces, but instead can expand and explore resonance.



Our purpose and potential in life is larger than our own experience. Once we are fully resourced, it is our duty to redistribute our excess. When life feels beautiful, we share our gifts and fulfill our responsibility.