What is White Lotus Yoga?

Holistic Health - Personalized.

At White Lotus, our classes begin with community connection and then invite students to turn their attention inwards. We don't have mirrors in our yoga practice space, instead, we encourage students to observe the quality of the breath, and then adjust it as needed. Every class includes a teaching or tool that students can incorporate into daily life and continued practice, and ends with an extended rest period to allow the movements, breath work, and mindfulness to incorporate. Our private-like classes are very intimate – capped at 8-10 students – which allows our instructors to thoughtfully craft each offering based on the people in the room.


"What if I'm new to Yoga"?

Welcome! All of our classes are accessible to beginners to this practice. If you'd like something slower, try a restorative offering. Our vinyasa offerings are a bit more dynamic, but great for a beginner with some athletic background. Please drop into a class or call to inquire about the different offerings.

"Do you offer Yoga Therapy"?

Right now, White Lotus offers two kinds of therapeutic modalities – massage therapy and Ayurvedic consultations. While all of our yoga teachers are trained to work in concert with your health care team, we do not offer yoga therapy. If you are working with a condition that requires a therapeutic application, you may find one of our other services will suit your needs and that our yoga classes will facilitate that treatement.

"What if I have an injury or health condition"?

Our yoga classes could very well be a positive step on your path towards healing, but yoga is not appropriate for every illness or injury. Please consult your health care practicioner and determine your readiness for this practice, and then call and we'll be happy to help you select an offering that will help you meet your needs.